Welcome To RSKS

" Professional and Discreet Security for a changing world"

We are living in dire times.Where the only constant factor is "changes".Everything around us is either evolving or disappearing....fast!

Never have governments,corporates ,organisations or the simple citizen experienced such an unpredictable and uncertain immediate future.All prediction gurus are failing and famous experts continuously contradicting themselves.What can be done?The solution is to hire the right people who are specialists for these critical situations who will help your organisation/group steering in calmer waters and at the same time mitigating all possible risks you may encounter.This is who we are,this is what we do.We are RSKS,Risk Mitigation Specialists, and we are a phone call away!


" Ensuring business continuity through pioneer field-tested technologies "

RSKS is a merger of skills and specialities ,a unique concept and approach in our problem-solving strategies.In-house we have security experts,law enforcement trainers,IT developers,building and civil engineers as well as sustainable energy consultants all brainstorming on the same platform to create solutions customized in line to the specificity of our client's environment.We are goers and don't like easy solutions.The more complex is the issue ,the more motivated we are.We are never completely satisfied at least not after having studied and tested all possible variants of a problem.We will take the "road less travelled".This is who we are.